Let Armour Screw use their industry expertise to automatically sort, and bag hardware for your specific application. Our wide range of sorting options ensures foreign material and defective parts will not show up on your shipping dock. All this time and attention to your product allows us to consistently provide you with superior quality parts.

Hand poly bagging allows us to provide you with hardware kits that are made to order. These kits are typically used for assembly, repair or to service a product recall situation. Contact us and we will show what Armour can do for your business.

We are ISO 9001:2000 and RoHS compliant
Unit of Measure

Types of Screws

Roll Sort

N/A Roll sorting can remove foreign material such as roll-offs, heat treat and plating debris, and mixed parts which don't have the same head diameter as the subject part, in the case of screws, or thick ness, in the case of washers and nuts.

Electronic Sort

N/A Electronic sorting can sort shank length, presence of thread, head diameter, and foreign material. A sort for these four parameters constitutes the basic "100% sort", or "sort for automation", and is sometimes incorrectly referred to as "laser sort". Recess depth within 0.010, and recess flaws due to broken punches can be sorted using special accessory equipment. Missing washers, double washers, mixed sizes, head height, and in some cases, hex size, can also be sorted.

Vision Sort

N/A Vision sorting can sort shank length or major diameter within 0 .002, through holes internally threaded screws and bolts, some concentricity problems, thread run-ups (drunken threads), sliders, and thread damage affecting the full diameter. Overhead vision will detect some types of head damage, including ball-caps. Can also sort mixed point types.

Laser Sort

N/A Laser sorting will sort parts of 5/8" minimum length for head diameter, overall length, missing threads, and mixed threads, provided there is a thread count difference of at least two threads per inch.

Sonic Sort

N/A Sonic sorting will sort bent parts where the bend exceeds 0.008 per inch, missing large internal threads, and grossly malformed parts.

Eddy Current Sort

N/A Eddy current sorting can sort mixed alloy and mixed hardness parts if there is a minimum uniform hardness difference of 8 points Rockwell C.

Industries Served

Home building
Recreational Vehicle